Raw Creamy Honey

With its exceptional mix of minerals, enzymes, and amino acids (e,g. proline), this spectacular honey helps in tissue regeneration, collagen formation, and arteriosclerosis prevention.

With its unique mix of royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis, this perfect honey has amazing health benefits like no other. In addition to its great taste, premium quality/purity, and tasty crystals, it was found to help stop the cancerous cells division, due to its rich content of fatty acids .

This honey tends to form lots of crystals. Instead of heating, Hantana uses advanced technologies to dissolve these crystal through slow and regular stirring. This ensures the honey maintains its creamy texture without losing its unique properties.

Available in the following packages and sizes

Creamed Honey 500gm

Creamed Honey 250gm

Creamed Honey 170gm

Creamed Honey 115gm