Natural Flower Honey

This type of honey is available all year round due to the availability of its floral sources throughout the year. It has a delicious light taste and amazing scent. Packed with antioxidants (e.g. flavonoids), amino acids, 8-16 unit enzymes, and antibacterial substances, this premium honey helps treat burns and protect against hypotension and heart diseases. It can also be used by diabetics as a safe alternative for sugar.

The “Khajand” bees hover over the beautiful delicate cotton flowers and “Expertis” (wild clover flowers) to collect their wonderful nectar and make this premium raw honey.

Available in the following packages and sizes

Natural Flowers Honey 300gm

Natural Flowers Honey 500gm

Natural Flowers Honey 540gm

Natural Flowers Honey 250gm

Natural Flowers Honey 170gm

Natural Flowers Honey 115gm