Black Honey

Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, B6, pantothenic, and 17-20 unit enzymes, this fascinating honey is sure to provide you with unparalleled health benefits.
Honey kind can be traced based on its floral source. Made from the nectar of the rare black Tamin flowers (Nigella Sativa), which grow once in a year in the “Zafer Abad” region, this amazing product is certainly one of the world’s top-quality honey. It was found to improve immunity, promote heart health, fight cancer, relieve joint pain, among other health benefits. Honey names are usually derived from its floral source, while honey origins can be determined based on the shape of the pollen grains which differ widely – just as palm prints differ from one individual to another.

Available in the following packages and sizes

BLack Honey 115gm

BLack Honey 500gm

BLack Honey 540gm