Mountain Wildflower Honey

Rich in minerals, vitamins, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, and 13-20 unit enzymes, the wild flower honey offers exceptional health and therapeutic benefits, as the bees usually use the nectars of different flowers to make this marvelous honey. This multi-benefit honey was found to improve immunity, protect against viral and bacterial infections, protect against heart, liver, abdominal, and respiratory diseases, while providing the body with energy.
In the amazing valleys, plains, and prairies of the “Khafalink” region, the “Shurabad” bees hover over the beautiful “Sheritsh” (Fox’s Tail) flowers to collect their unique nectar and turn it into this exceptional honey. Sometimes, the flowers’ nectar gets contaminated with the chemical fertilizers used by farmers, or the pesticides used by beekeepers to fight bees’ diseases. This may lead to many health risks. Lab tests have found traces of such chemicals (e.g. Traxidiline and chloramphenicol) in some low-quality honey types. That’s why Hantana is keen to use natural substances only (such as natural sage smoke) to deter pests and disinfect plants/flowers in its production areas
Bees make this incredible honey from the nectar of the wild “Kwisinia Hilari” flowers which grow at high altitude (1700 – 2100 above sea level) on “Sartiz”, “Telkzor”, and “Yazelom” mountains. These rare wonderful flower are known for their sharp spikes, rare health benefits, and particularly strong scent which attracts bees at long miles and distances. However, not all the bees are fortunate to make their way back as some of them die when landing on or leaving these flowers due to their sharp spikes. Villagers face many risks and challenges trying to reach and collect this honey at this lofty height. They are usually shocked by the number of dead bees scattered around the flowers. Researchers found that this raw pure honey provides tremendous health and therapeutic health benefits, due to its rich content of rara compounds and enzymes which consist of 24+ units. Enzymes in other types of honey are usually formed of 7-15 units. Enzymes with less than 7 units means that the honey has lost its properties and can be used as mere sugars for energy. Hard to access, produced in low amounts, and based on rare flowers, this honey is not available at all times

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