Mountain Flower Honey

Made from some of the rarest Himalayan flowers, this delicious and nutrient-dense honey is known for its exceptional scent and flavor, as well as its amazing health benefits. It is particularly rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, calcium, cupper, zinc, iron, B12, B6, and 15-20 unit enzymes.
On top of the breathtaking Himalayan mountains, the fabulous “Anar” and “Siniac” flowers dance in the delicate mountain breeze spreading its spectacular scent everywhere. The “Safed-Dava” bees fly long distances on lofty heights (1700-3000m above sea level) to absorb the unique nectar of these flowers turning it into this exceptional honey.
Rich in healthy volatile compounds, the mountain flowers nectar usually has unique properties that are rarely found in other flowers. The longer the distance the bees fly, the more enzymes they secrete. These enzymes are naturally blended with the nectar in their stomachs, turning into top-quality honey with unique health properties and rich content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, antibacterial compounds.

Available in the following packages and sizes

Natural Mountain Flowers Honey 300gm

Natural Mountain Flowers Honey 500gm

Natural Mountain Flowers Honey 540gm

Natural Mountain Flowers Honey 250gm

Natural Mountain Flowers Honey 170gm

Natural Mountain Flowers Honey 115gm